About Laryngospasm

logoOur voice box, an organ approximately two inches on the neck, has been described in the ancient times as the most important instrument of the voice. Galen, a Greek physician in the Roman empire, was the first to describe and demonstrate the larynx’s capacity to generate and modulate sound.

In these modern times, many different studies have surfaced regarding the larynx – its uses, inflammations, cancers, just to name a few.

While there were things already said and written about our voice box, I decided to start a blog that will showcase more relevant and realistic topics and discussion about this vocal instrument.

After all, it is better to start with the basics and work our knowledge up. I would like to spread awareness about the proper care of the larynx and the prevention of its inflammation and more severe cases, such as laryngospasms.

Laryngospasm is a sudden closure of the vocal cords, restricting air passage making it difficult to breathe. Such experience is terrifying; it’s almost a near-death encounter when it happened to me years ago. It felt so close to drowning. I never thought of anything else but to write about it after the incident.

Thus, Laryngospasm the blog came to life and the rest, including the not-so-dreaded but painful case of laryngitis became an inspiration to blog posts and archives.